PP Honeycomb Board Machine


PP Honeycomb Board Machine


Machine Features


Air bubble hollow profile sheet is 100% PP sheet, the weight range could be from 250 GSM to 3000 GSM, thickness range could be from 2MM above, and products width could be 1000MM to 2000MM. It can be in-line laminated with textile, carpet…etc. and flat surface for printing directly. The honey-comb structure panel is extremely rigid and amazingly lightweight, the application can be False Ceiling, Wall Panel, Door Panel / Partition, wood protector, floor protector, wall facing board, packaging, printing, automotive interiors.

Successful air bubble hollow profile sheet machine installed countries: Japan, China

Mono / co-extrusion

The extruder is specially designed for good melting and stable extrusion. Both new and recycled pellets can be applied. It’s also can be co-extrusion for different function require.

In-line double side lamination

In-line recycling system

In-line recycling system

In line recycling system can return the trimmed edge to the extruder for reusing, without any wasting on material, labor required.

Annealing device

High efficiency annealing device to let air bubble hollow profile sheet to become very flat without curving.

Tracing cutting system

The tracing cutting system could do automatic accurate position cutting and products collection.

Auxiliary Equipment

Forming roller

The forming rollers are equipped with a built-in water cooling system. Two suction types, drill hole and aluminum slice are available to choose from.
The forming rollers can be changed easily to make air bubble film of different sizes.
Resin PP, Additive
Sheet Weight 250~3000 GSM
Product Width 1000 MM ~ 2500 MM
Machine Speed 10 M / MIN
Optional Accessories Unwinder, Forming Roller
Production Type Mono Layer Multilayer Co-extrusion