PP Honeycomb Board Machine

YSW-FS machine for making air bubble hollow profile sheet, not regular straight wall type hollow profile, Especially in packaging field, automobile field and construction material field.
Air bubble hollow profile sheet is 100% PP sheet, the weight range could be from 250 GSM to 3000 GSM, thickness range could be from 2MM above, and products width could be 1000MM to 2000MM. It can be in-line laminated with textile, carpet-etc. and flat surface for printing directly. The honey -comb structure panel is extremely rigid and amazingly lightweight.

Air Bubble Film Machine

With high output and low products weight to save raw material cost, weight can be from 30 GSM to 300 GSM and the weight of each layer can be adjusted. The both mono layer or co-extrusion layer are available produced by our machine, co-extrusion for nylon air bubble film will be more strength. Air bubble film can be double side in-line lamination with other material to become 5 layers, or dual forming station for 11 layer.

Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine

To make BOPP film, CPP film, PET film, Cellophane, Aluminum foil, paper, PE film, Nylon film by mono, tandem, triple or co-extruding coating lamination line. Anchor coating device equipped for primer coating to help different character multi-layer laminating together, with high-efficiency, convection air dryer is a popular choice for a wide variety of coating and lamination procedure. It is fully automatic control by screen touch panel, the higher extrusion capacity for higher running speed connected with fully automatic unwinding and winding system, the maximum machine running speed can catch 300m/min.

Extrusion Lamination Machine

To sandwich laminate two substrates material together, one substrate material single side coating, one substrate with double side coating, or strip(section) lamination for two substrates to be tear off easily for further recycle, the thickness of lamination can be 6 micron to 60 micron, working width can be 2mm to 6000mm, with higher extrusion capacity for higher running speed, the maximum machine speed can catch 200m/min.